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Tingley: The Tingley TARA Update : 23rd January 2014

PC Phil Davis and PCSO Bev Haile from Morley NPT attended the Tingley TARA, along with a number of residents, Local Councillors Karen Renshaw and Jack Dunn and Martin Cronin from the local housing department.

The meeting began with a update in relation to crime statistics for the past month. On the whole the crime figures where low and residents were advised to take keys out of house doors due to the recent burglary were a Audi was taken, with the keys.

Anti-Social Behavour was discussed which was low, with only 7 calls to the police from the area, over the last month. Residents did feel that youths causing ASB on Fairleigh Road outside the shops was again an issue and it was agreed that this would be the local priority for the area. 

Speeding was also discussed and residents were told that tickets have been issued as pro-laser has been deployed in several areas around Tingley.


Cllr Renshaw then discussed a new scheme that is being trialled in Rothwell which is a property registration scheme called Immobilise UK.  It has been agreed that Immoblise Surgeries will be held in partnership with housing, in the coming months, so keep an eye out for up and coming dates. The surgeries will be held in the Tingley and East Ardsley area to help residents register their property. 

Immoblise UK is an online database where you can register your electrical valuables and other items.  Should these ever be lost or stolen, you can notify the database and the Police can check recovered items and return them to their owners.


The next meeting is on the 6th March 2014.

For non-emergencies dial 101
In an emergency always dial 999


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