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For non-emergencies dial 101 - In an emergency always dial 999


Over the past several weeks there have been a number of reports of people loosing out due to being scammed by criminals. People who have had PPI are being targeted as well as local shop owners who sell the UKASH vouchers.

PPI: People who have had involvement in the past with PPI are being contacted by cold callers stating to be from a PPI claims company (various names). The callers are asking individuals to pay a nominal sum in the outset to be able to process their claim. This is carried out by requesting people to purchase genuine UKASH vouchers which come with a serial code on them, once this code is passed to the caller, they are able to use them even without having the voucher . The code by itself can be used to spend in various locations online. If you are contacted by any cold calls, please be wary and be aware if you are due some monies back by any company or organisation there should NEVER be a charge involved to process the refund.

SHOP OWNERS: Another report involving the UKASH scheme is of individuals entering shops and asking to purchase vouchers. Once they have been given the code for the voucher the card is generally declined. The suspects leave the shop with the code, which again is all they need to be able to redeem the cash. There are safeguards in place for shop owners. If you have been scammed, phone the contact number for UKASH immediately who can stop the code and refund the amounts to you. Contact number for UKASH is 00800 247 85274.

Please note that UKASH is a genuine company and are unfortunately being used to commit crime. There website address for further information is www.ukash.com.

For non-emergencies dial 101
In an emergency always dial 999


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