StreetSafe - Tell Us Where You Don't Feel Safe

StreetSafe is an online tool on the website which was launched in September 2021 by the Home Office. It enables members of the public to anonymously pinpoint public places on a map where they have felt or feel unsafe and identify environmental or behavioural factors about those locations that make them feel this way. 

Across the UK, more than 11, 000 reports have been submitted by the public via the tool, averaging at 50 reports daily, with 72 percent of reports from women.

Over 300 people in West Yorkshire have submitted a report, and officers are encouraging people to submit their pinpoints via the tool, to better understand where areas of concern are.

Detective Superintendent Lee Berry, of West Yorkshire Police, said: “The Streetsafe Tool is a fantastic way of reporting matters to the police, it allows your voice to be heard and gives us a clear idea of matters that are happening in the area that you live. 

“By submitting this information, we are able to look into conducting targeted work within your area, or increase our patrols and to ensure that we’re working with partners and the community to build a safe environment to live, study and work.

“I’d like to thank those who have taken time to use StreetSafe, and I’d like to encourage more people to use the tool and let us know where there are persistent issues or areas that make you feel unsafe. Your input will help us keep you and our communities across West Yorkshire safe.”

To use the tool, please visit:

When using the tool, you will be asked: 

  • where it happened
  • why you felt unsafe, e.g. because you were followed or there was poor lighting
  • why you haven't reported what happened to the police
  • your age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, if you have any illnesses or disabilities

StreetSafe is not for reporting crime or incidents. If something has happened to you or someone you know (including in public spaces online) you can call us on 101 or report online. Always call 999 in an emergency.