Diversity, equality and inclusion

Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) is embedded into everything we do. To us, DEI means: 

  ●  Diversity – Recognising and valuing difference

  ●  Equality – Ensuring people aren’t treated unfairly on account of their protected characteristics

  ●  Inclusion – Providing a culture where everyone feels safe and able to be themselves

West Yorkshire is a vibrant and diverse county made up of people from different ethnicities, backgrounds, and with different lived experiences. We are committed to making all communities in West Yorkshire safer and feel safer, by making sure everyone has fair access to all our services, and by always treating everyone with respect. To do this, we engage with colleagues and members of the community to better understand them, their environments, and their needs. 

We are a diverse workforce, and we want to attract people of all backgrounds to work with us, either as police officers, or in one of our many police staff roles. We believe that having a more diverse workforce, with different experiences and perspectives, enables us to become more effective in preventing and reducing crime, keeping people safe, caring for victims, and developing a more inclusive workplace culture. 

Our strategy for attracting a diverse workforce is called ‘Positive Action.’ Positive Action is how we attract, retain, and develop talent from under-represented groups in society. Read more about Positive Action.

Click here to read our DEI strategy, which includes our equality objectives, and details how we embed DEI into everything we do.