Equality in employment

Our vision for policing in West Yorkshire is making our communities safer and feel safer. In delivering our police service it is vital we gain the trust and confidence of all our communities and keenly promote diversity and inclusion for everyone.

We are committed to achieving a workforce that is representative of the communities we serve, and in doing so, encourage individuals from minority groups and communities to engage with our recruitment and progression opportunities, as permitted within UK employment equality legislation.

West Yorkshire Police values difference and recognises that people with a variety of skills, attitudes and experiences, from diverse backgrounds and cultures, bring fresh ideas and perspectives. Encouraging and harnessing these differences can enhance our organisation by bringing together different viewpoints to continually improve how we deliver our policing service; making our services more approachable and relevant to our communities.

To value difference we must be inclusive. This means enabling every member of West Yorkshire Police to fully engage in delivering the best policing service; maximising their potential in applying their skills, knowledge and abilities. It also means applying the same principles when working with partners and the public and providing equality of access to our services and equality of opportunity to our staff.

We promote positive action, providing assistance in order to remove real or perceived barriers to under-represented groups in the workplace. Positive action will be used to encourage under-represented groups to join West Yorkshire Police as Police Officers, Police Staff, Special Constables and Volunteers, and internally to apply for specialist roles.

We are proud to hold the below accreditations:

Engaging with local communities

The force engages with local communities in a number of ways, for example members of the public are involved on Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs) for consultation and discussions on the impact of policing activities and by Scrutiny Panels in each Policing District to review police interactions and cases. Read more about how the Force engages with local communities.

Staff networks

West Yorkshire Police is also proud to have a number of staff networks which support the force in providing support to under-represented groups by positive action recruitment and retention initiatives including the following : -

Female Police Officer


Volunteering for West Yorkshire Police can give you a valuable insight into the police service. By volunteering, you are also supporting your communities, representing your community and assisting West Yorkshire Police deliver those important services to your communities. 

What is it like volunteering? 

Read Hishaam Mohammed's story who was named West Yorkshire Volunteer of the year 2015, and find out more about volunteering.