Police Race Action Plan

The purpose of the Police Race Action Plan is to create a police service which is anti-racist and trusted by Black people. The plan sets out changes within policing that will improve outcomes for Black people who work with or interact with the police. 

“I am sorry for the way policing has treated black people across West Yorkshire in the past, I truly am. I cannot change the past, but I can change the future. I want us to become an anti-racist organisation. That is what the Police Race Action Plan is about.” Chief Constable John Robins, QPM DL. 

You can read West Yorkshire Police’s Race Action Plan here:

West Yorkshire Police Race Action Plan - Accessible HTML version

We welcome consultation on the plan and will adapt our approach based on feedback. 

The video below features the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, John Robins QPM DL, apologising for how policing has disadvantaged Black communities, and explaining how the Race Action Plan will make a difference for current and future generations. Watch the video to hear from Mr Robins, along with West Yorkshire police officers and staff talk about the action they are taking to improve policing for Black people. 

The national plan was developed by the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) and the College of Policing, in collaboration with Black communities and partners, such as the National Black Police Association.

We have created a localised version of the plan, which meets the needs of our Black employees and Black communities living in West Yorkshire. 

We accept that we have much to do to build and secure the confidence of our Black communities.

We acknowledge that some of our policies and processes have disadvantaged Black people in unequal measure. 

We recognise there have been similar race reports and reviews in the past, which haven’t done enough to eradicate racism from our police force. 

We will change. This plan is less about words and more about action. It will lead us to becoming a wholly anti-racist organisation. 

The plan is divided into four workstreams. These workstreams will ensure Black communities feel:

  1. Represented: by a police service which is representative of the community it serves. 
  2. Not over-policed: by a police service that is fair, respectful, and equitable in its actions. 
  3. Involved: with a police service which routinely engages Black community members in its decision-making processes. 
  4. Protected: by a police service which is anti-racist, and which seeks justice for Black victims.

Current status (May 2024)

It’s now been six months since we launched our Police Race Action Plan. 

We’ve made a lot of progress, but we know we’ve still got a long way to go to earn back the trust and confidence of Black communities in West Yorkshire. Here are some of the key things we’ve done over the past three months:

What’s next? Young people are going to be a big part of our plan over the next three months. We’ll be working more closely with them to better understand their views on the Police Race Action Plan. This includes co-producing an engagement plan focusing on what is most important to Black Heritage Communities in terms of safety, inclusivity and having a voice and influence in the governance of policing. 

Please see below links to our latest progress update (Feb 2024 - April 2024): 

Police Race Action Plan: Six month progress update - accessible version

You can read previous progress updates about the Police Race Action Plan here:

Police Race Action Plan: Three-month progress update - Accessible Version | West Yorkshire Police

Attendees at the Leeds community event for the Police Race Action Plan
Group of people facing a screen and listening to a presenter at the launch of the Police Race Action Plan
Attendees at the Huddersfield community event for the Police Race Action Plan

We will be transparent in our progress of the plan and will publish updates every three months to evidence the work being carried out and the changes we are making. 

The NPCC will be releasing the second version of the national plan in late 2023/ early 2024. You can read the draft national Police Race Action Plan here

Who holds us to account on the plan?

An Independent Scrutiny and Advisory Group for Race, Inequalities and Historical Legacies (ISaAG), which is made up of members of the public, consult on and scrutinise our work as we develop and deliver the plan. 

We regularly meet with Black community groups who help ensure we are meeting the needs of the Black population in West Yorkshire, and who hold us to account on our commitment to the Police Race Action Plan. 

Internally, we have set up a governance structure for the plan, which is overseen by our Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Inequalities Board. We also have two Staff Networks – the West Yorkshire Black Police Association and the Caribbean and African Police Society. These Staff Networks provide internal consultation and insight into the Police Race Action Plan. 

A focus on Black people 

When we say Black people, we mean people of Black heritage, including Black African, Black British, Black Caribbean, Black Other and Mixed Black backgrounds. 

Historically, Black people have been over-policed. This has led to today’s situation, where many Black people don’t trust, and have very little confidence in their local police service. Black people are some of the most disadvantaged in our society. This plan is focussed on Black people, but it will make us more inclusive and fairer to all. Our learning will benefit all under-represented groups in society, such as our Asian and Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller communities. 

How can you be involved in our Police Race Action Plan?

To contact us about the plan, email Chief Inspector Darren Beech: [email protected]. Chief Inspector Beech is responsible for the delivery of the Police Race Action Plan in West Yorkshire. 

If you’d like to provide regular input into our delivery of the Police Race Action Plan, then you may like to join the Independent Scrutiny and Advisory group. To do so, contact Beverly Adams: [email protected].uk Beverly is our Principal Community Engagement Officer. 

If you have any questions or comments regarding the national Police Race Action Plan, released by the National Police Chiefs Council, please direct these to: [email protected]

Stay up to date

Keep up to date on our website. We’ll be posting regular updates on this website as the plan progresses. If you'd like to receive updates about the plan via email, please register to receive these by emailing [email protected]

You might also like to follow our social media channels to ensure you don’t miss an update.