Valuing difference

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

West Yorkshire Police is committed to attracting diversity at all levels of the organisation.  We believe that having a more diverse workforce with different experiences and perspectives, who come from a wide range of communities, will allow us to become more effective in preventing and reducing crime, keeping people safe and caring for victims, as well as continue to help develop a more inclusive culture as detailed within the Force Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Strategy.

As part of our Diversity, Equality and Inclusion strategy, we use Positive Action as a tool to help address under representation within our workforce.

Positive Action

West Yorkshire Police uses Positive Action, which is a range of measures and initiatives allowed under the Equality Act 2010, to actively encourage people from communities that are under-represented to bring their talent, experiences and expertise to our organisation when applying to join us. We also use Positive Action to support the retention and progression of our workforce. 

Through the use of Positive Action, we do not seek to remove competition, lower standards or give someone an unfair advantage, rather, to help people from under-represented groups overcome disadvantages in competing with other applicants. It is not about lowering standards and giving some people favourable treatment just because of their protected characteristic; it is about getting everyone to the same starting line and still employing and promoting on merit. We treat all applicants fairly and in accordance with current legislation.  

So there is no favouritism or advantage for some, but for under-represented groups there is Positive Action to help improve equality at work for both prospective and existing employees.



Staff Networks

West Yorkshire Police tries hard to make everyone feel supported and content work and are proud to have a range of staff networks open to officers and staff of all ranks and roles. The networks serve a dual purpose of providing advice and support to individuals and supporting the force. 

The below are our staff networks:

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