West Yorkshire Association of Muslim Police (AMP)

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About AMP 

The West Yorkshire Association of Muslim Police (AMP) is a support group which was set up in May 2009 to represent the interests of Muslim Officers and Staff and provides West Yorkshire Police with support and advice. AMP is part of the National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP). Find out more about NAMP 


Aims and objectives:

  • Assist West Yorkshire Police deliver a better service to all communities by promoting a greater understanding of Islam within the organisation and the wider community, thereby contributing to community cohesion 
  • Provide a forum for Muslims in the police, and support their religious views and welfare needs, with a view to improving their working environment 
  • Assist in the recruitment, retention and progression of Muslim officers and staff and to assist in the creation of a fair and just working environment 
  • Advise and consult West Yorkshire Police regarding Muslim issues and operational benefits 
  • Examples of workplace adjustments that have been made over the years due to AMP working together with West Yorkshire Police:
    • Prayer and ablution facilities in police stations that can be used to perform daily prayers
    • Support to attend Friday Jummah prayers to fulfil religious obligations
    • Shift adjustments during Ramadan to support the welfare of officers and staff fasting 
    • Bespoke uniform designs such as the hijab and tunic to meet religious needs

AMP deliver regular presentations within the police, providing a better understanding of Islam and the challenges faced by many Muslims such as Islamophobia. The network helps members with development through coaching and mentoring as well as providing welfare support for those that may be going through difficult times. 


Who can join AMP? 

Full membership to AMP is open to all Police Officers, Police Staff, Special Constables and Volunteers who identify themselves as Muslim and associate membership is open to those who are not Muslim but support the aims of the association.


Page last reviewed March 2022.