Information Sharing Agreements with Partners

West Yorkshire Police has a dedicated team dealing with Information Sharing Agreements.



Information sharing enables early intervention and preventative work to safeguard and promote welfare and for wider public protection. The public need to be confident that their personal information is kept safe and secure. All members of the Police service are responsible for ensuring that we share information appropriately as part of our day-to-day practice and do so confidently, proportionately and lawfully.  


Our Procedures

West Yorkshire Police recognises that a high standard of information management is essential to the operational efficiency of the Force, and is therefore committed to managing its information, by having in place organisational structures which will ensure compliance with legislation, including the Management of Police Information (MoPI) Code of Practice and Guidance. 


What is an Information Sharing Agreement (ISA)

An ISA, also known as a data sharing agreement/information sharing protocol, identifies the statutory or common law basis for sharing personal information, and the extent and nature of the personal information to be shared. An ISA identifies:

  • Common standards for processing and handling information, including quality, retention and security considerations
  • The lawful basis for using personal data, to achieve more effective policies and deliver better services while ensuring privacy and confidentiality of personal information

This type of agreement is appropriate whenever the Police either request or are requested to share information on a regular basis with other, whether for a statutory or policing purpose.


It is not designed to be a binding contract per se but more of a structured framework for the sharing of information.



Statutory obligation and power

Subject to certain exemptions, statutory obligation means forces must share information. This is where there is a specific legal obligation to disclose Police information to another party. Examples of where the Police service is obliged to disclose information include:

Subject to certain exemptions, statutory power means forces may share information. Under statutory power there is a specific legal power, but not an obligation, to share Police information with another party. When sharing information under a statutory power:

  • Forces may do so without using an ISA, MoU or SLA
  • Forces must maintain an audit trail of the information shared.

Sharing information under a statutory power does not require and ISA.



Click here for the West Yorkshire Police policy on information sharing



Where in doubt, please email the Information Management mailbox where the team will be able to assist with any queries.