Payments to Suppliers - Over £500

We are committed to being open and transparent about what we spend.

Each month, we publish a list of all payments we make which are over £500 (including VAT), providing details on supplier name, amount paid, a description of what was purchased and the service making the purchase.


What do we include

  • spend on premises, transport and supplies and services;
  • payments to contractors who do work on our behalf; and
  • other spend we incur in carrying out our business.


What don't we publish

Some areas of spend are covered by the Data Protection Act and are not published in full.  This includes:

  • personal information;
  • commercially sensitive data; and
  • payments to staff


Data Format

We currently publish the data in PDF format, as directed by the Government.

Financial Year 2019-20

August 2019634.54 KB
July 2019749.76 KB
June 2019592.34 KB
May 2019603.24 KB
April 2019722.6 KB


Financial Year 2018-19

March 2019832.55 KB
February 2019663.49 KB
January 2019655.75 KB
December 2018755.01 KB
November 2018708.37 KB
October 2018820.24 KB
August 2018743.6 KB
July 2018869.74 KB
June 2018548.52 KB
May 2018621.76 KB
April 2018668.99 KB


Financial Year 2017-18

March 2018789.73 KB
February 2018677.88 KB
January 2018747.59 KB
December 2017778.09 KB
November 2017797.22 KB
October 2017791.73 KB
August 2017751.95 KB
July 2017900.25 KB
June 2017721.79 KB
May 2017831.01 KB
April 2017595.9 KB


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