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Statement of Accounts 2022 / 2023


Statement of Accounts 2021 / 2022


Statement of Accounts 2020 / 2021


Statement of Accounts 2019 / 2020


Statement of Accounts 2018 / 2019


Salary and Grading Information

This information can be found in the Audited Statement of Accounts


Force Budget




Payment Performance Data

From March 2016 all public sector organisations are required to publish:

- The percentage of invoices paid within 30 days

- The amount of interest paid to suppliers due to late payment

This information is required to be published on a yearly basis to cover the previous 12 months

More information about these requirements can be found on the GOV.UK website

The percentages on the attached document are based on statistics from the date the invoice is received within our Finance Department


Support for the provision of Police Community Support Officers


Procurement Procedures

Regional Goods 296.5 KB


Details of contracts currently being tendered



List and Value of Contracts


Payments to Suppliers - Over £500


Evaluation of police use of resources


Financial regulations


Trade Union Facility Time Publication


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