Diversity Calendar


The West Yorkshire Police Diversity Calendar and ‘Coming up’ posters provide officers and staff with information about national and local events and key religious dates to support engagement with local communities.  

Please note that information is taken from a range of sources.  Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information within this resource, some dates may not be included or can be subject to change or regional differences.  Some links within the documents may not be available to external users.


Monthly ‘Coming Up’ posters

Coming Up - March 2019 (PDF)

Coming Up - April 2019 (PDF)

Coming Up - May 2019 (PDF)

Coming Up - June 2019

Coming Up - July 2019

Coming Up - August 2019

Coming Up - September 2019

Coming Up - October 2019

Coming Up - November 2019

Coming Up - December 2019

Coming up - January 2020


2019-20 Diversity Calendar

2019-20 Diversity Calendar



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