West Yorkshire Police is now using a communication system which allows our 999 / 101 call handlers to see what’s going on when they receive a call for service from a member of the public. 

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GoodSAM is an internet media platform which can be used alongside 999 and 101 calls from members of the public. 

Providing the caller consents and it is safe to do so, our call handlers can send a one-time text message link to your mobile phone - which when accessed opens up the mobile phone's camera function in seconds - allowing live stream video to be shared with Police from the scene. GoodSAM does not need to install any application or special software on the phone in order to do this.

It also gives an accurate location of the caller, so Police Officers can be sent straight to the exact location* of the scene, if required.


The application was initially trialled in December 2020 and proved to be so successful that the Force agreed to start using it in its Contact Centres from January 2021 onwards. 

Superintendent Chris Bowen, said:

"We were very impressed with GoodSAM during its trial run and truly believe it has the potential to revolutionise how we engage with the public on 999 calls. 

"Investing in cutting edge technology is not only key to improving our service to the public of West Yorkshire. It also outlines our commitment to providing our officers and staff with the tools to make their job easier.

"Footage can be sent on to a responding officer so they can see what is happening. Evidence is also stored with a date and time stamp so there is no need to seize the caller’s phone. 

"Using GoodSAM will help us to prioritise calls for service, so we can respond to those incidents where our assistance is vital.

"We also hope it will lead to a reduction in calls to the 999 number which are clearly not emergency situations."


YouTube Video

Superintendent Chris Bowen speaking about the benefits of GoodSAM:

To find out more about GoodSAM and how the platform works, go to


* GPS / location services need to be enabled in order for location to be established.


Page last reviewed January 2021. 


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