Income Development


Domestic Funding

WyFi actively engage with specialists from within West Yorkshire Police to develop research and innovation projects, write and coordinate proposals and secure grant-funding from various UK sources. WyFi have had success in securing funding from the College of Policing Knowledge Fund, Ministry of Justice Competed Fund and the Home Office Police Innovation Fund. Projects have varied from improving and incorporating an evidence-based approach into the frontline policing of digital forensics and cybercrime investigations, to the implementation of body-worn cameras and digital interview recording. WyFi have gained significant expertise in this area and have developed a rich network of contacts at partners including the National VIPER Bureau, Police ICT Company, College of Policing and the Home Office College of Applies Science and Technology (CAST).

European Funding

For the past six years WyFi have been actively engaged in large-scale, multi-disciplinary research and innovation projects funded by the security programme of the European Commission Executive Research Agency. Supported by funds granted under the Internal Security European Commission (ISEC) programme, Framework Programme 7 (FP7) and the current Horizon 2020 programme, WyFi currently have a suite of eight projects being progressed, spanning a range of topics and specialist policing areas from cybercrime, online radicalisation, cyber terrorism and community policing.

WyFi are always looking for innovative ideas to develop into research projects and the Horizon 2020 Secure Societies programme offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with practitioners, academics and industry specialists across Europe and further afield, to develop police and community practice beyond the current state of the art. WyFi are keen to engage projects that not only develop new technologies in the field of policing and community safety but also opportunities to identify best practice and support the
knowledge exchange between practitioners.

Currently WyFi are looking to develop a number of projects for the 2016 Horizon 2020 Secure Societies call for proposals. Some of the topic areas that are of interest include;

SEC-01-DRS-2016: Integrated tools for response planning and scenario building

SEC-06-FCT-2016: Developing a comprehensive approach to violent radicalization in the EU from early understanding to improving protection

SEC-07-FCT-2016-2017: Human Factor for the Prevention, Investigation, and Mitigation of criminal and terrorist acts

Research partnerships

WyFi have the skills and expertise to create and develop exciting police and academic partnerships. WyFi have supported the development of the N8 Police Research Partnership, the Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organised Crime Research (CENTRIC) and the Secure Societies Institute at the University of Huddersfield. Investing in the build of research powerhouses to actively promote innovation and encourage an evidence-based approach to policing. The strong collaborative links with ensure WyFi has every opportunity maximise the potential of academic partnerships and engage in further research, which meets our needs and requirements. Alongside our research partners we are able to make an important contribution to innovation and the utilisation of research in advancing the professionalisation of policing


Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

Working closely with partners Interserve, WyFi bring together the elements of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) built into PFI contracts to benefit communities of West Yorkshire. The vision to maximise the CSR elements of new supplier contracts shall bring real opportunities for the private industry and the wider policing family. CSR is an enabler to engage with the communities, bridging the gap between reduced police budgets and communities who want to feel safer and feel supported by West Yorkshire Police at the most local level. CSR enables a proactive approach to community policing with an emphasis on the prevention of crime and community safety issues through the building of sustained relationships.

Safer Communities Fund

The Safer Communities Fund was launched by the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) to help voluntary and community groups, charities and partners make their communities safer. In the last two grant rounds, funding has been awarded in line with the priorities set out in the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Plan 2013-2018. WyFi supports the PCCs grant giving scheme and its investment in the community. WyFi support bid writing enquiries from police officers and community groups who need to identify alternative funding to deliver safety to the communities they serve. The support from WyFi has served to link community groups with income development opportunities.

Funding database

The WyFi funding database is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure funding opportunities are identified and made available to community groups, charities and police officers and staff. The database is a great resource that WyFi encourages police officers and colleagues in West Yorkshire Police and the Office of the Police and Crime commissioner to use, as they are best placed to develop new community partnerships and support them to overcome financial challenges at a time when pressures on policing and community safety have never been greater.


Sportivate is aimed at young people between 14-25 who would like the opportunity to play more sport. The programme offers six-to-eight weeks' worth of coaching sessions in a variety of sports including judo, rowing, tennis, wakeboarding, parkour/free running and many more. WyFi have supported the Sportivate grant scheme within West Yorkshire Police. Previous successful projects have included Futsal with a deaf youth group, girls boxercise classes and lifesaving courses. Sportive also provides police officers in West Yorkshire Police with unique youth engagement opportunities, alongside rewarding activities for children and young adults

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