The contemporary police officer, emergency service leader, commander and key-decision-maker require access to new immersive training simulations in mixed-reality environments, which dynamically address physical and virtual online attacks. Recognising the requirement to develop the next generation of police training, WyFi are a primary police partner in project AUGGMED (AUtomated serious Game scenario Generator for MixED reality training a 3-year security research project funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 security programme.

To maximise the potential of technological advancements and the identification of future police and emergency service training needs, from 2015-2018, AUGGMED will develop an online, virtual, serious game platform to enable single and team-based training of police and partner agencies across local, regional, national and international borders, responding to cyber, public order, terrorist and organised crime threats. The AUGGMED platform will automatically generate scenarios tailored to suit the needs of individual trainees with learning outcomes that will improve the acquisition of emotional management, analytical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills.

The serious game scenarios will include advanced simulations of operational environments resulting in highly realistic training scenarios allowing advanced interactivity and immersion, while encouraging emergency responders to engage and actively participate in the training process. The AUGGMED platform will also include tools for trainers enabling them to set learning objectives, define scenarios, monitor training sessions, modify scenarios and provide feedback in real-time, as well as evaluate trainee performance and set training curricula for individual personnel in the post-training session phase.

AUGGMED is led by BMT Group Ltd (UK), and includes a multi-disciplinary consortium of 14 partners from 6 European Union Member States and includes the University of Greenwich, University of Birmingham, Sheffield Hallam University and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. WyFi shall contribute to the project by providing police training requirements, and support the design and development of training scenarios alongside the testing, piloting and demonstration of the platform. AUGGMED provides a unique opportunity to design the future of police and emergency service virtual and fully immersive online training for the benefit of West Yorkshire Police and our partners local, nationally and internationally.

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