NEXES is a Europe-wide Research and Innovation Action, funded by the European Commission that aims to:

Improve access to emergency services for all people, including the elderly, tourists, early migrants and those experiencing physical disability, and / or hearing / visual impairment

Improve the information available to emergency services when they respond to an incident, with a particular focus on improved location data 

Improve communication between different emergency services, both nationally and internationally, and between Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs - 112 call centres)

 It will do this by making use of Internet Protocol (IP) - based communication technologies such as instant messaging, video calling, and location services (e.g. GPS). The NEXES software will, with the caller’s consent, enable:

Total conversation capabilities (voice, real-time texting, image and video) with 112 / 999 call-takers for those unable to communicate verbally due to physical disability, accident or language barriers 

Precise and accurate location of all callers to enable the swiftest possible response 

Automated transmission of relevant personal, medical and incident information to, and between, emergency services and PSAPs to enable the most appropriate and well-informed response

The West Yorkshire for Innovation team are one of 17 international partners working on this project, and are responsible for the management of the End User Advisory Board. It is our goal to ensure that the needs of end users (i.e. citizens and the emergency services) are accurately represented and catered for, and to ensure that the Action and its final products are as inclusive and accessible as possible. We will achieve this by engaging with a wide variety of potential end-users, from a variety of communities, ensuring their input is carefully considered.

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