Forensic Multimedia

Forensic Multimedia has become an essential tool in the courtroom.

For over ten years West Yorkshire Police have been presenting major trials electronically in the courts.

Reports from HMIC, OCJR and CPS have all highlighted this approach as being a highly effective way of:

  • Reducing trial times, and trial costs (including remand costs) by delivering evidence quickly and efficiently
  • Ensuring more secure convictions by presenting complex evidence in a visual way to the jury so that they are better informed
  • Allowing more cases to be heard per court, thus making better use of public money


West Yorkshire Police are  in a unique position to offer Forensic Multimedia production and associated audio visual services to forces and agencies nationally and internationally. We are already undertaking this work for many forces across the UK and have been for a number of years.

West Yorkshire Police are also registered as a forensic supplier with The College of Policing.

West Yorkshire Police Forensic Multimedia Team can be contacted on 01924 878518.

Please contact Robin Canham, the Forensic Multimedia Manager (Acting), to discuss your requirements in detail.


What is Forensic Multimedia?

Forensic Multimedia allows all forms of evidence to be placed into one custom-built, multimedia presentation which is specifically tailored towards the needs of your case.

Evidence can be accessed with ease and presented with simplicity to the jury.

Counsel’s and prosecution teams using Forensic Multimedia have seen

  • An increase in the understanding of evidence by a juror
  • A decrease in the length of trial times
  • An increase in conviction rates
  • Statistical increase in pre-trial pleas


A Forensic Multimedia package - dramatically simplifies the process in presenting all forms of evidence in the courtroom. All evidence is displayed on screen via a series of menu buttons. The entire case can be presented on either a DVD disc or laptop/portable hard drive, covering the following:

  • Photographic Evidence / SOCO / Forensic Exhibits
  • Video Evidence / CCTV / Scene Videos / Surveillance
  • Audio / Covert Recording / Subtitling / Enhancement
  • Interviews / 999 Calls
  • Analyst Data
  • 3D / CGi reconstructions
  • Scene Evidence / Interactive QTVR / Injury Evidence / 3D Body mapping / Trajectory Illustrations
  • Expert Analysis / Blood Spatter / Fingerprints / Footwear
  • Telephone Data / Cell site / Attribution charts
  • Documentation / Financial Data
  • Location Evidence / Mapping
  • Timeline Evidence / Highlight Key Events
  • 3D Reconstructions
  • 2D Graphics
  • Crime Scene Laser Scanning
  • Forensic Height Analysis
  • External Media Links, i2 Charts, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint’s, Internet


Ease of use - Material is displayed in the courtroom on large screens allowing clear visual display to the Jury, Judge, Council, defendant and public gallery.

Your team, as the user, will have full control of the presentation, with the use of specialist kit, your operator can choose what and most importantly when to display material in court.

The Forensic Multimedia Process

The complexity and the amount of evidence available will determine the timescale to produce a Forensic Multimedia Presentation for your case.

Typical production times can vary enormously but you will be told of the expected production time, and kept fully up to date with progress throughout the process.

Evidential / Exhibit Enhancement
Our experts can work with all forms of evidence acquired during investigation, developing or enhancing content, adding to its clarity and impact in the courtroom.
Surveillance, CCTV, Enhancements, 3D Body mapping, Covert Recordings, Subtitling, Enhancements, Telephone data, Event timelines, Telephone & Cell site data.

Preparation & Presentation
Our experts can incorporate pre-prepared material such as PowerPoint, Excel, and other documentations from independent experts or analysts into Forensic Multimedia Presentations allowing easier access to the material in the courtroom. These might also include; Financial Data, Timelines, Blood Spatter, i2 Charts, PowerPoint, Spreadsheets, Analyst data.


 Why use West Yorkshire Police?

As one of the largest Imaging Units in the UK, we have always been at the forefront of new technology, and many of our systems and procedures have been adopted by other forces as “best practice” on a national level.

We have developed Forensic Multimedia presentations over the last ten years and have the most experienced teams inthe country ready to work on your case.

All our staff are police employees and have been vetted.

All our systems sit on secure Police networks and we utilise GPMS marking for all our correspondence.
Our site security complies with Home Office requirements and matches the exacting standards of our clients, including the Serious Fraud Office, CPS, Counter Terrorist Units and Serious & Organised Crime Agency.

West Yorkshire Police provides this service in house as part of an efficient and effective service to criminal investigations. Any spare capacity during quieter periods may be used to offer the service to other forces and agencies in the wider  policing community.  Income generated offsets the cost of providing the service.

After the initial meeting to discuss your case, we will provide a full quotation for the work, including recommendations about how we would approach your presentation. Regular updates and meetings (including case conferences with Counsel where necessary) will enable us to deliver the exact product you require.

Next Steps?

We would appreciate the opportunity to visit your team and explain our services in more detail, showing examples of our presentations and to discuss any cases you are currently taking to court.

Please contact us on 01924 878518 to set up an informal meeting to discuss further.