Forensic Multimedia

Digital evidence has become an essential tool in the courtroom.

Since 2002 West Yorkshire Police have been presenting major trials at courts using an Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE).

The use of an EPE allows all forms of digital evidence to be placed into a custom-built package which is specifically tailored towards the needs of your case.


The aim of using an EPE is to:

  • Reduce trial times and costs by delivering evidence quickly and efficiently
  • Present complex evidence in a visual way to the jury so that they are better informed 


Evidence can be accessed with ease and presented with simplicity to the jury. The operator of the EPE has full control over what is shown and when.


The types of digital evidence the team often uses in presentations include the following:

  • High resolution Images – Scene photos, maps, plans, interactive QTVR, forensic exhibits (blood spatter, fingerprints, footwear etc)
  • Video – CCTV, Body worn video, Scene video, Surveillance footage, drone footage, route videos, reconstruction videos, subtitled 999 calls/covert recordings, video recorded interviews
  • 3D – Body map illustrations for internal and external injuries, scene/event reconstructions
  • Documents – Cell site data, attribution charts, i2 charts, PDFs, spreadsheets, reports


The complexity and the amount of evidence available will determine the timescale to produce an EPE for your case. Typical production times can vary enormously but you will be told of the expected production time, and kept fully up to date with progress throughout the process.


All staff are police employees and have been vetted. All our systems sit on secure Police networks and we utilise GPMS marking for all our correspondence.

This service is provided to West Yorkshire Police Force but the team has the capacity to quote and produce presentations for other forces from any region.


Please contact the team at Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Scientific Support Services, to discuss your requirements in detail.

Phone: 01924 336 176
e-mail: [email protected]


Page last reviewed August 2023