Our Values

We have a values-based culture where officers and staff are empowered to make decisions in line with the values of the Force; ‘Fairness, Integrity and Respect’.

In all that we do, we work to the nine policing principles in the Code of Ethics:

  • Accountability – You are answerable for your decisions, actions and omissions
  • Fairness – You treat people fairly
  • Honesty – You are truthful and trustworthy
  • Integrity – You always do the right thing
  • Leadership – You lead by good example
  • Objectivity – You make choices on evidence and your best professional judgement
  • Openness – You are open and transparent in your actions and decisions
  • Respect – You treat everyone with respect
  • Selflessness – You act in the public interest

In line with a values based and enabling culture, staff and managers reflect the National Decision Model (NDM) in making ethical decisions. The nine policing principles of the Code of Ethics which set the values for the force are central to the NDM.