West Yorkshire Police policies outline the parameters within which officers and staff will act to achieve the Force's aims.  They outline what is expected in a variety of situations and why.  When dealing with incidents, officers and staff will be expected to exercise initiative, professionalism, and common sense.  Activities governed by legislation are not normally replicated in Force policy.

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All policies are reviewed on a continual basis and updated here accordingly.

Freedom of Information Act - Some of the material in the ‘policy’ may be exempt under the Freedom of Information Act.

Authorised Professional Practice (APP) - What is APP?

Authorised Professional Practice (APP) is developed and owned by the College of Policing (the professional body for policing) and can be accessed online at www.app.college.police.uk.

APP is authorised by the College of Policing as the official source of professional practice on policing.  Police officers and staff are expected to have regard to APP in discharging their responsibilities.  There may, however, be circumstances when it is perfectly legitimate to deviate from APP, provided there is clear rationale for doing so. APP is referred to within policy where relevant.


Page last reviewed May 2022.

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