Business Services

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Animal recovery (pdf 231kb)

Bluetooth devices (pdf 56kb)

Chief Officer Team expenses, hospitality and use of corporate cards (pdf 112kb)

Clear desk and clear screen (pdf 27kb)

Community engagement (pdf 48kb)

Corporate identity guidance (pdf 28kb)

Data protection (pdf 55kb)

Emails (pdf 32kb)

Emergency Securing (Boarding) Services (pdf 183kb)

Fire legislation (pdf 31kb)

Force archive and corporate memory (pdf 51kb)

Force web and social media sites (pdf 87kb)

Freedom of information (pdf 34kb)

Hire vehicles (pdf 38kb)

Income, innovation and investment (pdf 65kb)

Information security (pdf 114kb)

Information sharing (pdf 62kb)

Master audio tape storage (pdf 136.86kb)

Microsoft Lync (pdf 41kb)

Operational meals (pdf 27kb)

Personal insurance limited indemnity (pdf 50kb)

Police buildings (pdf 37kb)

Police houses (pdf 39kb)

Policy development and review process (pdf 99kb)

Protective marking (Government protective marking scheme) (pdf 42kb)

Public complaints (pdf 34kb)

Records management (pdf 335kb)

Recovery of dogs (Welfare and stray) (pdf 141kb)

Remote access to Force IT networks (pdf 37kb)

Research governance (pdf 69kb)

Risk management (pdf 208kb)

Safe use of computers (pdf 36kb)

Scheme of delegation (pdf 30kb)

Security incident procedure (pdf 32kb)

Security policy framework (SPF) (pdf 30kb)

Stop and search ride along scheme (pdf 53kb)

Transferring and transporting data (pdf 28kb)

Universal serial bus devices (pdf 28kb)

Vehicle fleet (pdf 125kb)

Vehicle recovery scheme (pdf 220kb)