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Adult prostitution and sexual exploitation (pdf 66kb)

Asset seizure and disposal under the Proceeds of Crime Act (pdf 37kb)

Cash handling (pdf 30kb)

Child abduction (pdf 24kb)

Child sex offender disclosure scheme (pdf 176kb)

Child sexual exploitation (pdf 106kb)

Crime recording and finalisation (pdf 26kb)

Domestic abuse (pdf 281kb)

Domestic violence disclosure scheme (pdf 172kb)

Domestic violence protection notices and order (pdf 73kb)

European arrest warrants (pdf 33kb)

Extradition back to the UK (pdf 39kb)

Female genital mutilation (pdf 202kb)

Firearms and ballistics (pdf 32kb)

Forced marriages (pdf 31kb)

Fraud recording, allocation and investigation (pdf 295kb)

Harbourers of children and young people (pdf 33kb)

Hate crimes and incidents (pdf 183kb)

Honour based abuse (pdf 26kb)

Human tissue (pdf 86kb)

Intelligence debrief (pdf 41kb)

In the Dock (release of images to the media)(pdf 102kb)

Prison productions (pdf 44kb)

Registered sex offenders (pdf 44kb)

Reporting and confirming death of a nominal (pdf 34kb)

Robbery - business (pdf 26kb)

Safeguarding children and young people (pdf 34kb)

Safeguarding vulnerable adults (pdf 63.85kb)

Serious sexual offences (pdf 206kb)

Telecom requests (pdf 28kb)

Traffic offences (pdf 47kb)

Vehicles seized to establish identity (pdf 27kb)

Violent offender orders (pdf 51kb)

Vulnerable victims and witnesses - video facilities (pdf 24kb)

Wanted on warrant (pdf 44kb)