Human Resources

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Access to personal email accounts and lawful business monitoring (pdf 149kb)

Accident investigation and reporting procedures (pdf 33kb)

Acting as a witness (pdf 144kb)

Adoption leave and pay police officers (pdf 41kb)

Adoption leave and pay police staff (pdf 176kb)

Agile working (pdf 185kb)

Asbestos management (pdf 32kb)

Assessment and Recognition of Competence (ARC) (pdf 167kb)

Attendance management (pdf 209kb)

Business interests and voluntary working (pdf 161kb)

Capability procedure performance (pdf 221kb)

Career break scheme police officers (pdf 33kb)

Career break scheme police staff (pdf 36kb)

Career progression schemes (pdf 37kb)

CARM Details - Employee Validation (pdf 173kb)

Code of conduct for police staff (pdf 107kb)

Confidential reporting - Doing the right thing (pdf 66kb)

Deaths of serving and retired police officers and police staff and serving specials (pdf 42kb)

Death or permanent disablement arising from assault - Police staff (pdf 131kb)

Dignity and respect in the workplace (pdf 53kb)

Disability (pdf 133kb)

Discipline - police officers (pdf 40kb)

Discipline - police staff (pdf 204kb)

Discretionary pension awards - police staff (pdf 32kb)

Domestic abuse affecting police officers and police staff (pdf 162kb)

Dress and personal appearance (pdf 177kb)

Drugs and alcohol misuse in the workplace (pdf 277kb)

Electrical safety (pdf 32kb)

Equality, diversity and human rights (pdf 38kb)

Equality, diversity and human rights strategy (pdf 47kb)

Essential car user allowance (pdf 46kb)

Exit interviews (pdf 28kb)

Financial assistance (pdf 45kb)

First aid provision (pdf 200kb)

Flexible working (pdf 170kb)

Gifts and hospitality (pdf 161kb)

Health and safety (pdf 179kb)

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Hepatitis C (pdf 127kb)

Inappropriate and notifiable associations (pdf 225kb)

Infectious diseases (pdf 40kb)

Information and consultation (pdf 157kb)

Job design and evaluation (pdf 232kb)

Job related fitness testing (pdf 166kb)

Jury service (pdf 34kb)

Leave and hours of duty - police officers (pdf 329kb)

Limited duties - police officers (pdf 204kb)

Management of and access to personal files (pdf 40kb)

Management and control of Legionella (pdf 31kb)

Market factor payments (pdf 156kb)

Maternity leave and pay police officers (pdf 154kb)

Maternity support leave police officers (pdf 118kb)

Maternity leave and pay police staff (pdf 224kb)

Meal and accommodation expenses (pdf 124kb)

Medal awards and commendations (pdf 193kb)

Medical capability police staff (pdf 166kb)

No smoking (pdf 38kb)

On call police officers (pdf 45kb)

Organisational change (pdf 307kb)

Overtime (pdf 42kb)

Part time working and job share police staff (pdf 47kb)

Part time working police officers (pdf 150kb)

Paternity leave police staff (pdf 136kb)

Performance Development Review (PDR) (pdf 174kb)

Performing duties in a higher rank (pdf 46kb)

Police officers held in reserve away from normal place of duty (pdf 33kb)

Police officer promotions (pdf 67kb)

Police support unit training (pdf 35kb)

Politically restricted posts - police staff (pdf 34kb)

Probationary period police sergeant (pdf 32kb) 

Probationary procedure police staff (pdf 242kb)

Recruitment and selection (pdf 78kb)

References and testimonials (pdf 31kb)

Reimbursement of professional fees (pdf 27kb)

Relocation expenses (pdf 44kb)

Residential accommodation (pdf 32kb)

Retirement and pensions - police staff (pdf 54kb)

Retirements, resignations and extensions of service for police officers (pdf 38kb)

Risk assessment (Health and Safety) (pdf 41kb)

Service confidence (pdf 170kb)

Shared parental leave (pdf 43kb)

Shift working and working time for police staff (pdf 326kb)

Spectacles and contact lenses (pdf 153kb)

Staff network activities (pdf 47kb)

Staff resolution (pdf 43kb)

Student officers managing performance (pdf 166kb)

Talent management (pdf 123kb)

Trauma support and access to psychology services (pdf 182kb)

Transfers and secondments (pdf 43kb)

Transgender members of staff (pdf 130kb)

Travelling expenses and time (pdf 178kb)

Unmanageable debt (pdf 30kb)

Unpaid leave (pdf 154kb)

Unsatisfactory attendance procedure - police staff (pdf 166kb)

Vetting (pdf 44kb)

Voluntary exit scheme (pdf 46kb)

Volunteer reserve forces (pdf 54kb)

Work at height (pdf 47kb)

Work equipment (pdf 37kb)

Workplace (Health, safety and welfare) (pdf 29kb)

Workplace risk assessments for new and expectant mothers (pdf 29kb)