Operational Policing

Note: this section of the website is currently being compiled and new policies will be added on a regular basis.

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Alarms (pdf 40kb)

Anti social behaviour (pdf 47kb)

Armed response vehicles and armoury - weapon handover (pdf 40kb)

Asylum seekers and refugees (pdf 50kb)

Audio interviews (pdf 35 kb)

Body worn video (BWVs) (pdf 197kb)

Bomb threats (pdf 27kb)

Business continuity (pdf 176kb)

Cannabis warnings, crystal meth and recovery of drugs (pdf 30kb)

CCTV retrieval and viewing (pdf 166kb)

Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) (pdf 60kb)

Child rescue alert (pdf 36kb)

Children and young persons (pdf 75kb)

Civil orders for managing sex offenders (pdf 142kb)

Code of practice for victims of crime (pdf 39kb)

Collisions (pdf 34kb)

Compensating victims of crime (pdf 35kb)

Computer use (pdf 36kb)

Coroners office (pdf 35kb)

Counterfeit currency (pdf 77kb)

Critical incident (pdf 32 kb)

Dangerous animals other (pdf 32kb)

Demand management (pdf 45kb)

Driving and use of police vehicles (pdf 39kb)

Drugs: evidence, testing and valuation (pdf 41kb)

Electronic tagging and monitoring (pdf 43kb)

Explosives licensing, registration and inspection (pdf 39kb)

Fatal and potentially fatal collisions (pdf 37kb)

Firearms licensing (pdf 41kb)

Firearms Post incident procedure (pdf 23kb)

Firearms - Reporting of gun shot wounds (pdf 18kb)

Foreign national offenders and detainees (pdf 45kb)

Forensic examination of digital devices and electronic networks (pdf 191kb)

Found animals (pdf 25kb)

Hazardous substances (pdf 45kb)

HM Armed Forces personnel (pdf 45kb)

Identifying arrested, charged or convicted persons (pdf 58kb)

Interpreters (pdf 148kb)

Malicious and nuisance communications (pdf 30kb)

Malicious software (malware) reports (pdf 32kb)

Mental ill health and learning disabilities (pdf 73kb)

Missing persons (pdf 362kb)

Mobile data devices (pdf 41kb)

Modern slavery (human trafficking) (pdf 137kb)

Motorised scooters and similar vehicles (pdf 25kb)

Network Rail (pdf 149kb)

Offences taken into consideration (TIC) (pdf 36kb)

Out of court disposals - Youth (pdf 78kb)

PAVA irritant spray (pdf 237kb)

Planning and policing an event (pdf 24kb)

Pocket notebooks (pdf 26kb)

Police community support officers (pdf 57kb)   Schedule of powers (pdf 500kb)

Police dogs (pdf 21kb)

Police dog bites (pdf 117kb)

Police support volunteers (pdf 63kb)

Policing public sexual activity (pdf 146kb)

Policy logs (pdf 24kb)

Post incident procedure (non firearm) (pdf 55kb)

Recording equipment in police vehicles (pdf 40kb)

Relations with the public via the media (pdf 32kb)

Safety and PSU Training (pdf 182kb)

Search resources (pdf 48kb)

Seized, dangerous and banned breed dogs (pdf 712kb)

Special constabulary (pdf 58kb)

Spit and bite guards (pdf 171kb)

Stalking and harassment (pdf 329kb)

Stop and search of persons, vehicles and buildings (pdf 192kb)

Supervision, revocation and recall of prisoners released on licence (pdf 42kb)

Taser - Extended operational use (pdf 261kb)

Training time (pdf 140kb)

Transgender people (pdf 42kb)

Unauthorised encampments (pdf 44kb)

Use of force (pdf 171kb)

Using intermediaries (pdf 34kb)

Victim personal statement scheme (pdf 35kb)

Victim support and witness service (pdf 56kb)

Visual recorded interviews with a child (pdf 30kb)

Voluntary attenders (pdf 135kb)

Vulnerable victims and witnesses - special measures (pdf 34kb)

Warrant management system (pdf 33kb)

Wildlife (pdf 42kb)

Witness summons (pdf 32kb)

Work experience placements (pdf 48kb)

Working with educational institutions (pdf 245kb)