Operational Policing Strategy 2023 - 2028

West Yorkshire Police - Operational Policing Strategy 2023 - 2028

Chief Constable John Robins QPM

Foreword - Chief Constable John Robins QPM

In 2020 I launched our Policing Strategy and Plan on a Page three years on I have reviewed this to make sure we are still delivering the best service we can to the communities we serve. 
Our Strategy sets out the strategic direction for West Yorkshire Police over the next five years to deliver our part of the Mayor’s Police and Crime Plan (opens in a new browser window / tab) in achieving the overall vision of Safe, Just and Inclusive.   
Our Strategy continues to balance addressing the risks identified in successive Force Management Statements, with local and national priorities, to ensure that West Yorkshire Police remains one of the best performing forces in the country and delivers the best service it can to the communities we serve. 
The Strategy builds on the strong position HMICFRS recognised in 2021/22 when we were graded as ‘Outstanding’ in four areas and ‘Good’ in a further four areas. Our ambition is to retain our strong gradings and improve in the two areas we were graded as Adequate.   

This updated Strategy has not significantly changed, which shows that we have been and continue to focus on the key issues that matter to our communities and the Force. The Strategy has been informed by the Police and Crime Plan, Force Management Statement, national priorities and the National Police Chief Council’s (NPCC) Vision 2030, which sets out the vision and priorities for policing as a whole.  

Our updated and broadened vision is aligned with the Police and Crime Plan, but the focus on keeping West Yorkshire safe remains a critical part of that vision, along with delivering justice for victims and being an inclusive organisation.    
Our three Policing Purposes remain unchanged and reflect our unwavering commitment to Reduce Crime, Protect Vulnerable People and Reassure the Public. Under Reducing Crime there is a stronger focus on homicide prevention and tackling the changing nature of crime and criminality; under Protecting Vulnerable People there is an explicit reference to Violence Against Women and Girls and under Reassuring the Public a strong focus on the need to improve public confidence of all our communities, which is one of the most significant issues facing policing nationally. 
Our cross-cutting principles for delivery also remain unchanged as everything we do, we must be victim focussed, we must all have a preventative and problem solving mindset, provide a responsive service, be intelligence driven and improve the quality, standard and supervision of our investigations.  
Our Enablers are the capabilities we need to support policing delivery and I have included a stronger focus on efficiency, productivity and sustainability, so that we make the best use of our resources, ensuring they are aligned to our priorities and risks. I also want us to be an organisation that is innovative, forward looking and implements what works so that we continuously improve and provide the best policing service we can, with the resources we have. 
The next five years present some significant challenges for all of us. Crime and demand are increasing, both in volume and complexity, the expectations of our communities on policing remain high and financial pressures mean we have to be as efficient and productive as we can be. The implementation of Priority Based Budgeting Forcewide is a significant challenge but will in the long term ensure that Force resources are being used in the most efficient way and that investment is made in the priorities of our Policing Strategy.  
Our ambition is that all members of West Yorkshire Police deliver an outstanding service so that we can achieve the aspirations set out in this Strategy and deliver everything we do in line with our values of Fairness, Integrity and Respect. 
John Robins QPM DL 
Chief Constable
September 2023



Operational Policing Strategy 2023 - 2028

West Yorkshire Police - Operational Policing Strategy 2023 - 2028 - Front Cover

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Plan on a Page


Plan on a Page 2023 - 2028

Vision -

Why are we here?

  • Safe. Just. Inclusive.


Values -

How will we deliver? 

  • Fairness, Integrity and Respect

Purpose - 

What do we want to achieve?

  • Reducing Crime
  • Protecting Vulnerable People
  • Reassuring the Public


Approach -

What are the key principles for delivery?

  • Victim Focused
  • Preventative and Problem Solving
  • Responsive Service
  • Intelligence Driven
  • Investigative Mindset

Organisational Enablers -

What capabilities do we need to support policing?

  • People
  • Efficiency, Productivity & Sustainability
  • Digital & Data
  • Partnerships & Collaboration
  • Innovation & Continuous Improvement


Plan on Two Pages (executive summary)



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