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For non-emergencies dial 101 - In an emergency always dial 999


The Unity project is a 3 year European Commission Horizon 2020 Secure Societies funded project with a multi-disciplinary consortium of 15 partners from across 9 European Member States covering policing, academia and private industry.  Unity has a strong end-user focus, and its fundamental vision is to strengthen the connection between the police and communities to maximise the safety and security of all citizens. The vision of Unity shall be achieved through the delivery of three key objectives:


1. Community Policing Best Practice

2. Community Policing Communications Technology

3. Community Policing Training and Awareness


The Unity consortium conceptualise Community Policing in terms of collaboration and co-ordination, whilst facilitating shared ownership, responsibility and building trust and community confidence. Unity understands that the sense of belonging to a particular community (whether it be a specific neighbourhood, self-identified social, religious or ethnic group, or even a virtual network), together with objective and subjective security within that community, is a fundamental precondition for the day-to-day functioning of societies and the well-being of individuals.  Unity firmly believes that such functioning and well-being is substantially improved wherever citizens, civic organizations and private businesses are empowered to work cooperatively with police and other public authorities to identify and resolve issues together that affect their safety and security.

Unity seeks new ways working of working with citizens, police and community stakeholders which will serve as a catalyst for change within communities, helping the latter to become an integral part of the solution, and thereby share in the ownership and delivery of a sustainable CP model which simultaneously embraces the benefits of technology while meeting diverse community needs. This new and sustainable citizen-centred CP model will have community trust and confidence at its heart with the ability for two-way flows of information and communication to allow for greater understanding of the problems and issues faced by communities.

In recent years West Yorkshire Police have established themselves as a leading figure in evidence-based policing, research partnerships and innovation. The West Yorkshire for Innovation (WyFi) team progress EU-funded projects addressing topics as diverse as the hostile use of drones, virtual reality training for officers, improving accessibility to emergency services for vulnerable communities and empowering citizens in crisis situations. As well as leading EU projects, the WyFi team also contribute to numerous projects as expert end-users, ensuring that pan-European developments of best practice and new technologies benefit from the expertise and experience of emergency services, their partners and the communities they serve.

For more information about the Unity project please contact the Unity project team on 01924 878 214 or [email protected]. You can also visit the Unity website for updates on how the project is progressing www.unity-project.eu and follow us on Social Media @UnityEUProject.


  This project has received funding from European Union Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement nº  653729

For non-emergencies dial 101
In an emergency always dial 999


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