Domestic Abuse Affects Your Children Too

Domestic abuse hurts them too

Research has shown that children who suffer or witness domestic abuse may be more likely to become drug users, struggle with their education, suffer health issues, become involved in crime, and that they too may have abusive relationships themselves.

Our campaign aims to encourage people to report these often hidden offences, and to seek help from the police and other agencies.

Whether you are a victim of domestic abuse, are worried about someone who you think may be a victim, or are worried because your behaviour can be abusive, there is still time to change and help is available for everyone.

Domestic abuse hurts them too


Contact details of Police Safeguarding Units across West Yorkshire, where specialist officers are available to speak to anyone with concerns are available here.

If you would rather not speak to the police, there are lots of other organisations and charities that you can contact and these are listed here.

You can contact the police 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the non-emergency number, 101.

If you are in immediate danger or there is a crime in progress always call 999.

Domestic abuse hurts them too


Sandy from Leeds explains what life was like for her when she was a child witnessing her mother being a victim of domestic abuse.  As an adult Sandy has also suffered domestic abuse from her partner.


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The video is of Sharda Parthasarathi from the NSPCC talking about the impact of domestic abuse and giving advice to anyone who has concerns.


Professor Brigid Featherstone talks about the impact of domestic abuse on children.


Gail Faulkner, Head of Children's Social Work Service Leeds, talks about the work she does in supporting families and children affected by Domestic Abuse.


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Domestic abuse has a devastating impact on you and on your children and family. Whether you're a victim of domestic abuse or someone who is abusive, it's never too late to seek help. 

Tell someone make that call make that difference to improve your life and there's. For more information and contacts of organisations. 

You can help visit abuse in a non-emergency called 101, but if you're an immediate danger, call 999. 


The below audio file is a poem written by Phil Pearce and delivered by Daniel Morton. The poem gives an account of domestic abuse from a child’s perspective.


I come home from school and I go straight upstairs. I just sit there like on my own. It's like nobody cares. 

The house is in silence, no noise of any form. I guess this is what you call the calm before the storm. 

Whenever it's just one of them, it's a lovely place to be, but when they are both arguing, I just want to run and flee. 

Starts off all quite muffled. Sit on the carpet on the floor block it out with the music and sit behind my door. 

I sometimes have to listen because I need to use the loo I want to tell them both to stop, but there's nothing I can do. 

I've seen my dad hit Mummy and I've seen my mummy and his dad. 

I think it might be my fault 'cause sometimes I am quite bad. 

We sit and eat in silence. I hate that time of day. 

I just wish they'd think of something that's nice to each other to say. 

Sometimes I work through the night and hear my mummy crying. She always makes me tell the truth 'cause no good comes from lying. 

But if someone asks her how she is, she says yes, we're all fine. 

Why can't she say I always cry 'cause we argue all the time? 

Is this how life supposed to be, being treated with no respect? When I am older like they are. Is this all that I should expect? 

Family Court Leaflet

Family Court Proceedings and The Impact of Domestic Abuse

Professionals can print off this leaflet (PDF) via the link below and offer it to service users for reference.

It explains what to expect during family court proceedings, and also what support and legal advice is available and how the police can help.

Follow the link below to download.