Hate Incident Reporting Centres (HIRCs)

Hate Incident Reporting Centres (HIRCs) offer anyone who has experienced or witnessed a hate crime / incident the opportunity to report it if they would prefer not to report it to the police.

Most of the Centres are managed and updated by the five District Local Authorities within West Yorkshire. Alternatively, independent reporting services are available, such as Stop Hate UK, True Vision and Bradford Hate Crime Alliance.

Where are the Hate Incident Reporting Centres?

Hate Incident Reporting Centres are based at various community venues / organisations across West Yorkshire. 

Hate Incident Reporting Centres are locations where victims of a hate incident may choose to report an incident and have control over the nature of the report, the type of investigation and support they need.


Please click below for details of HIRCs in your area:

Bradford  /  Bradford District Hate Crime Alliance



Alternatively, if you wish to make a report through an independent reporting service, you can:

Further guidance for victims of hate crime.

if you want to report a hate crime / incident directly to West Yorkshire Police, you can:


Is what I say confidential?

All information given is confidential and can be given anonymously, with no details entered on the form which could identify the person reporting.  The information given can be purely for information purposes only.



Page last reviewed January 2020