Spring / Summer 2017 - Forgotten Something - Anti-Burglary Campaign

Forgotten Something?

Burglaries often increase during the Spring and Summer months, when burglars take advantage of people leaving doors and windows open during the warmer weather.

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However, crime prevention doesn’t have to cost a lot of money – taking simple measures such as locking your doors and windows, putting valuables out of view and using a burglar alarm, can significantly reduce your chances of being a victim.

Here are some simple steps everyone can take to improve their home security:Shut your windows

  • Lock your doors behind you, even if you're just out in the garden.
  • Don't leave attractive items such as bags, laptops and cash inside the door when you've got home.
  • Always close and lock windows when you're not in the room.
  • Keep your keys out of view and not in reach of the letterbox or a cat flap.
  • Don't leave laptops / tablets or their power cables / chargers on show.
  • Use your burglar alarm if you have one.Move your keys!
  • Check door locks are up to standard
  • Keep garden tools and ladders locked away and secure when not in use.
  • Cancel the milk and newspapers when you go on holiday and find a trusted neighbour, friend or relative to move your post and open and close blinds and curtains.
  • Use timer switches so that your lights come on if you’re not at home.


Young Crimefighters' Spring Burglary Prevention Messages

Video 1 - "Keep keys hidden, not near a letterbox or cat flap"

Video 2 - "Lock your garden tools away"

Video 3 - "Use Your Alarm"

Video 4 - "Hide your keys"

Video 5 - "Lock your windows even if you're not in the room"

Read our "Young Crimefighters Spring into Action" News Release here.


Campaign Artwork

The Force’s latest burglary prevention campaign uses a twist on a popular game with notes stuck to people's heads as a reminder of simple measures they can take to prevent burglary.

"Forgotten Something?" lock your doors sticky note poster   "Forgotten Something?" lock doors and windows sticky note poster

"Forgotten Something?" put your keys out of view sticky note poster   "Forgotten Something?" lock the door sticky note poster
Large Format PDF Versions

Headphones (PDF 4.7mb)  |  Gnome (PDF 2.8mb)  |  Sunglasses (PDF 3.6mb)  |  BBQ (PDF 4.3mb)



Leave a light on!Help and Advice

For more advice please contact your local Crime Prevention Officer by email or call 101.

If you are deaf or speech impaired use Text Phone 07786 200 200 or Type Talk 18001 101.

If a crime is in progress or there is a danger to life, call 999.

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