Location Assessment (or Locality Risk Assessment)

Before a Children’s Home can be opened it must be registered with Ofsted. As part of that process, the Manager is required to have completed a Location Assessment. 

The Manager must also show they understand the environment, community, risks and services available, and that they can protect and promote children’s safety and welfare.

The Location Assessment must address the following broad issues:

  • Safeguarding concerns
  • Accessibility and availability of local and specialist services and transport links
  • Whether you will be able to recruit suitable staff in the local area
  • Whether the location of the home helps to meet the needs of children who will live there

West Yorkshire Police will support the process by sharing relevant information about safeguarding concerns, that could not otherwise be found on publicly available sources. 

Any requests for information should be sent to [email protected]

To prevent any delay in the request being processed you must provide:-

  • Full details of the Manager
  • A secure e-mail address
  • Confirmation that either planning permission has been granted (or that you have applied), you have a certificate of lawfulness, or that planning permission is not required

For information on the local area, including neighbourhood policing priorities and online crime mapping, please visit the My neighbourhood section here.

Page last reviewed March 2024