Safe Children

This is what the charity KIDSCAPE suggests that parents should teach their children:

  • Tell your children they have the right to be safe. No-one can take that away.
  • Children must know that their body belongs to them, especially the private parts covered by their swimsuits.
  • Tell your children it's alright to say NO if someone tries to hurt them. Alot of children are told to always do what grown-ups tell them.
  • Bullies pick on younger, more vulnerable children. Tell children to get friends to help them, and to say no without fighting. Make sure they tell a grown-up. Tell them to give up something a bully wants, like a bike, if they are going to get hurt. Tell them you will not be angry if they come home without it.
  • Tell your children they must always tell you what has happened and that you will not be angry with them.
  • If your child wants your help, they need to know they will be believed and supported. This is especially true in the case of sexual assault, as children rarely lie about it.
  • Child molesters known to the child often say that a kiss or a touch is 'our secret'. Tell your children that some secrets should never be kept, even if they said they wouldn't tell.
  • Tell your children that they can say no to touching or kissing is they don't like it. If someone touches them and tells them to keep it a secret, they must tell you. Never force your child to hug or kiss anyone.
  • Most well meaning adults will not approach a child who is on his own,
    unless they are obviously lost or distressed. Tell your children never to talk to strangers, and to politely Ignore any approach from a stranger. Get them to tell you if a stranger tries to talk to them.
  • Tell your children they can break rules to stay safe. They can run away,
    scream, lie or kick to get away from danger.


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