Bogus Traders

Use trusted traders, not dodgy doorstep chancers

Bogus traders are dishonest tradespeople who often turn up unannounced.

Some leaflet the area beforehand to look more genuine.

They often offer roofing, gardening, driveway and handyperson jobs.

The work may be unnecessary, not completed or done to a poor standard and overpriced.

Don’t do business on the doorstep. Use a recommended, trusted trader.

Report bogus traders to the Police online or by calling 101.

Protect yourself - have you:

  • Received an unexpected caller?

  • Agreed a price but it quickly increased?
  • Been asked for the full amount upfront?
  • Been taken to the bank or cash machine by the trader?
  • Been left with unfinished work or completed to a poor standard?

Protect others - have they:

  • Received more callers to the house than usual?

  • Had unnecessary building work done?
  • Unfinished building work on the house?
  • Drawn out more cash than needed?
  • Received no paperwork or receipts for the work?

Leaflet for Printing

Please note that the information available in the PDF leaflet is the same as the information (text version) above it. This leaflet has been made available in order to be printed and displayed for educational and support purposes.