Fraud Emails and Texts

Never click on links, emails are not always what you think

Fraudulent emails and texts are sent by criminals who pretend to be a legitimate company, bank or shop. They can look very professional and might say there is a problem with your account. They often include a link to a fake website in an attempt to obtain your login details. 

Fraudulent Emails & Texts

Never click on links or respond to unexpected emails or texts.

Report fraud to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

Protect yourself - have you:

  • Received unexpected correspondence?
  • Checked the sender’s email address?
  • Been asked to click a link to a website or download an attachment?
  • Felt pressured to act quickly?
  • Checked the contact details match those on official documents or websites?

Protect others - have they:

  • Mentioned a suspicious email or text?
  • Received correspondence that would normally arrive by post or telephone?
  • Had unexpected transactions appear on their bank statement?
  • Received other unusual messages?
  • Stopped using technology out of fear?

For further crime prevention advice contact your local Crime Prevention Officer on 101


Leaflet for Printing

Please note that the information available in the PDF leaflet is the same as the information (text version) above it. This leaflet has been made available in order to be printed and displayed for educational and support purposes.