Fraudulent Mail Order Catalogues

Sounds too good to be true? Low quality goods guaranteed

Fraudulent mail-order catalogues arrive unexpectedly through the post.

They often sell expensive items which turn out to be overpriced, low-quality goods.

Some also apply pressure by telephone or run fake prize draws to try to get customers to spend more.

Notify your bank if you gave out your bank or card details.

Report fraud to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

Protect yourself: have you…

  • Heard of the catalogue before?
  • Got to order by a certain date?
  • Placed an order to enter a prize draw?
  • Received free gifts or special discounts for being a loyal customer?
  • Thought the product descriptions sound too good to be true?

Protect others: have they…

  • Received an excessive amount of correspondence from the company?
  • Ordered unusual or duplicate items?
  • Unopened boxes around the house?
  • Mentioned specific individuals who work for the catalogue?
  • Received free gifts from the company?


Leaflet for Printing

Please note that the information available in the PDF leaflet is the same as the information (text version) above it. This leaflet has been made available in order to be printed and displayed for educational and support purposes.