Car key burglaries

Having your vehicle stolen can be extremely upsetting and have a major impact on your daily routine – getting to work, dropping the kids off at school or running a business.

A car key burglary involves a house being burgled and car keys being stolen. Many of the major makes have been targeted, these include VW's, Audi, BMW, Land Rover, as well as Ford Fiestas and Vauxhall Corsa's. The vehicles stolen often end up being used in other criminal offences, sold on or broken down for parts.

Home security

  • If you have a garage it is better to keep your car inside it, locked and secure.

  • If you have gates securing your driveway area make sure you keep them closed and locked
  • Think about where you keep your car keys at home. Do not keep them within reach of the letterbox. Please ensure your home is secure by locking your door and closing windows.
  • Do not leave vehicle keys in an area that is visible to a prospective thief.
  • Look to upgrade your cylinder locks to one's that have either achieved a 3 star rating under TS 007 and/or Sold Secure Diamond Standard (SS312) some firms are so confident their locks cannot be snapped that they will offer a guarantee if breached. 
  • Enhanced security handles achieving a 2 star rating under TS 007 should also be considered
  • Consider the use of sash jammers. This can add extra security to doors and windows
  • Have you considered using timer switches for lights? You can even purchase a fake LED TV simulator that flickers random lights, giving the impression that the TV is on, it is ideal for bedrooms

Vehicle security

  • If required, consider getting a professionally fitted car alarm and/or immobiliser

  • If you have to park your vehicle on your driveway or on the street, consider using additional security devices, make sure the area is well lit, ensure the vehicle is secure and that nothing of value is left in it – i.e. tools, laptops, money, route finder
  • If you have parked on your driveway or outside your house, do not leave your car windows open
  • Have you heard the locking noise? Have the lights flashed? Don't assume your vehicle has locked when using a key fob. Pull the door handle to make sure
  • If your car has a 'keyless' system, keep keys far away from the car to disrupt communication range. Keep the key in a shielded RFID wallet or pouch, use a steering wheel lock for extra protection
  • If you have more than one vehicle, perhaps consider blocking the preferred target vehicle by parking the less desirable vehicle in front of it.

Remember - be proactive and keep an eye out for your neighbours.

Your vehicle may be the second biggest investment you make after your home and it’s very important to do all you can to secure it and not attract any unwanted passing attention to it.


Page last reviewed April 2023