Crime prevention videos

Using information gleaned from talking to local convicted offenders, West Yorkshire Police Crime Prevention Officer Chris Joyce provides a few simple tips via YouTube.

Crime Prevention Video - TV Devices

Crime Prevention Video - devices are available that give the appearance that your TV is on (e.g. - flickering lights) which can be used to deter burglars targeting your home. More information is in the video above.


Crime Prevention Advice - Timer Switches

Leaving lights on inside the home to give the appearance it's occupied while you are out. Timer switches are useful to set times for lights to come on and off. View our video for more information.


Crime Prevention Advice - External Lighting Puts Burglars Off

External lighting on a property is a big deterrent to burglars looking for potential properties to target. More advice in the video above.


Crime Prevention Advice - Perimeter Protection

Could you get into your house if you lost your keys? This video offers advice on securing the perimeter of your house.


Crime Prevention Advice - Changing habits

Crime prevention doesn't cost a lot to get it right. Changing habits is one of the things that you can change which will make a big difference to your home security.


Crime Prevention Advice - Remember to lock your door

Remembering to lock your door properly and take your keys out the door to make sure burglars don't have an easy way in. Watch the video above for more helpful tips to keep your home secure.



Crime Prevention Advice - Using garages correctly

If you have a garage make sure you use it for keeping your car secure and out of sight. Even if burglars aren't interested in taking your car, some of them do judge what you might have within the home by the type of car they can see on the drive. If the car is secured away in a garage it can't be seen and attract burglars to your property.


Crime Prevention Advice - Dispose of Packaging to avoid advertising to thieves

When buying new goods/items remember that leaving the packaging outside your home next to the bins is a way burglars can see what you may have inside the home that is worth stealing.

Remember to dispose of your packaging correctly to avoid leaving and advertisement to thieves.


Crime Prevention Advice - What burglars are attracted to?

Some burglars can be attracted by a charger cable left in the plug socket, as an indication that valuables are nearby.


Crime Prevention Advice - What do burglars look for?

How do burglars decide which property to target? What are the signs they look for? And more importantly how can you guard against the risks?  Find out in our latest video on crime prevention advice.


Securing your garden and shed against theft

This time of year can see an increase in garden crime including theft of equipment and having your shed targeted.

Follow the advice from West Yorkshire Police crime prevention expert Chris Joyce using information gleaned from locally convicted offenders.


Beefing up home security before going on holiday

Most people return from holiday to find their home just as they left it - safe and secure.  However, many burglars are aware that at this time of year, many homes are left unoccupied for a week or two.  For the sake of a few simple precautions, you can make your home less at risk to burglaries.