Other types of exploitation

Other forms of exploitation to be aware of that are linked to Modern Slavery/ Human Trafficking are;


Criminal Activity

Pick-pocketing, shoplifting, drug trafficking and cannabis cultivation and other similar activities that are subject to penalties and imply financial gain for the trafficker.


Forced Begging

Whereby people are forced to beg in public areas; can be male/female, adult or child etc.


Forced Benefit Fraud

Which involves claiming benefits on behalf of trafficked victims that goes direct to the traffickers.


Forced Marriage

Involves the transportation of a person to marry somebody against their will. Please see the Forced Marriage link for further information and prevent advice/ campaigns.


Organ Removal

Also known as Organ Harvesting involves trafficking people in order to use their internal organs for transplant. The Illegal trade is dominated by demand for kidneys; as these are the only major organs that can be wholly transplanted with relatively few risks to the life of the donor.


Illegal Adoption

Involves the selling of a child as commodities to facilitate an adult to parent and others merely to make money or exploit in other ways i.e. Domestic Servitude.


Please report if you suspect or know of any intelligence to the Modern Slavery Helpline, 08000 121 700, or to Crimestoppers anonymously, 0800 555 111.


Page last reviewed April 2023.