Cyber Crime

West Yorkshire Police is only one of a handful of forces across the country with a dedicated cyber unit, is looking to spread the word about the dangers of the crime and the devastating impact it can have on people’s lives.

Interview with Detective Chief Inspector Vanessa Smith - Regional Cyber Crime Unit

The computer is rapidly becoming the new crowbar and anyone who has a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device/phone could be at risk of being a victim". 

Advice for Businesses                                             Mobile Malware Campaign

Advice for Parents                                                   Online Fraud

Block the Web Monsters                                         Online Grooming/Child Sexual Exploitation

Cyber Bullying                                                         Online Safety Crime Prevention Videos

Cyber Crime Facebook Live Videos                        Snapchat Maps Location Advice

Harassment/Stalking                                               Urban Fraud Myths


Latest Threats


Do you know how to protect yourself from ransomware?

Click on an image to enlarge. #RansomAware

Ransomware AdviceRansomware AdviceRansomware Advice

Ransomware AdviceRansomware AdviceRansomware Advice

Ransomware AdviceRansomware AdviceRansomware Advice


How to protect yourself against ransomware


Randsomware Incident - Friday 12th May 2017 - NHS

Guidance information:

Randsomware Incident

Randsomware Incident (PDF)


Crime Prevention Videos

Guarding again online crime can be simple! West Yorkshire Police crime prevention expert Chris Joyce talks about crime prevention techniques in his latest video updates as part of the Force’s Block The Web Monsters cyber crime campaign. 

Cyber Crime Facebook Live Videos

DCI Vanessa Smith will be appearing on Facebook LIVE on the last Thursday of the month, usually at 12pm, talking about Cyber Crime.

To re-watch any of the cyber crime Facebook live videos that we have hosted, please follow this link.


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