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Welcome to the Cyber Choices webpages

These pages provide links to a growing number of educational resources aimed at young people and professionals to help promote the safe, lawful and constructive learning of cyber skills.

We live in a connected world that will only get bigger through the advance of new technologies such as the internet of things and artificial intelligence. For those that have a deep interest in understanding the detail of what happens behind the scenes or where vulnerabilities are there could be a bright future ahead for them in a cyber-related role.

There is currently a huge shortfall of qualified people for cyber security roles and a great appetite from employers to seek out talented individuals. Through this page we aim to highlight and signpost those that want to learn more to the correct constructive resources.

We understand that some young people inadvertently slide into cyber crime as they attempt to forge their own way in learning such skills or perhaps from seeking kudos from others in online communities. 1 in 4 teenagers have engaged in some form of cyber crime activity, many without realising it or understanding where the ethical and lawful lines are.

Education and awareness of the Computer Misuse Act and permissions is a key element of staying on the right side of the law and being able to progress into such highly prized and sought after cyber roles.

Knowledge also of where to apply such skills and learning in safe environments is also key to prevent disruption and criminal activity on the world wide web.

We hope that these resources are of great benefit and encourage safe, structured and lawful learning and kindly thank those who have designed these resources and publishing them for their use.

If you have any concerns about any young person and their online activities please ask to be contacted by a member of the West Yorkshire Police Cyber Crime Team for further guidance and support. We aim to guide all young people to apply their skills and talents constructively and lawfully.


We have split the information / links into three categories, follow the links below to find out more :

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