Cyber Choices - Students

These pages provide links to a growing number of educational resources aimed at young people and students to help promote the safe, lawful and constructive learning of cyber skills.

We live in a connected world that will only get bigger through the advance of new technologies such as the internet of things and artificial intelligence. For those that have a deep interest in understanding the detail of what happens behind the scenes or where vulnerabilities are there could be a bright future ahead for them in a cyber-related role.

Online safety:


A huge resource hub of online safety material and resources to promote learning and understanding of the online digital threats and mitigations.


National Cyber Security Centre

Cyber Aware- Digital security and guidance from the NCSC.



Take 5 – Crime Prevention advice aimed at educating the public on current scams and tactics used by fraudsters and how to safeguard your assets from them.


O2/NSPCC- Parents Vs Kids

Brilliant fun “role reversal” quiz to be played by kids and parents / guardians. A great fun way to begin discussions about online safety within the family.



Online reporting mechanism to request the removal of personal “nude” images uploaded onto the internet.



The website of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation – a highly respected organisation that provides guidance and support to address and prevent online sexualised abuse and offending.


West Yorkshire Police- Current Campaigns

All our campaigns that raise awareness around online safety and online safeguarding.


Online safety videos:


Videos from CEOP – Designed to educate and prevent Children and vulnerable people from being exploited online.

youtube- GetSafeOnline

Videos from the above “Get Safe Online” website.

youtube- Fraud and Cybercrime

Short Police videos designed to educate the public on fraud and cybercrime based on scams often seen and reported.


Games and challenges:


Fantastic free Government approved website hosting various challenges such as ”CyberStart” and a “Virtual Cyber School” – designed for use by 13- 18 yrs olds although not age exclusive.



A free website hosting a number of vulnerable environments and challenges allowing others to test their penetration skills and exploit vulnerabilities.



A free online platform to test penetration testing skills and exchange ideas and methodologies with thousands of others in the security field.



An online platform that teaches cyber security through hands on virtual labs.


National Crime Agency- Cyber Games UK

A new release of 14 cyber challenges from the National Crime Agency and Cyber Security Challenge to engage and educate young people in the basics of cyber security and ethics.



Cyber Centurion is a team-based competition for 12-18 year olds in the UK mirrors the US Cyber Patriot competition.  It is designed for anyone with an interest in cyber, defense, puzzles and code breaking.



A training platform designed to support web developers identify risks in their own websites so that they can build security in as they progress their sites.


YHROCU- National Matrix Challenge

The Award winning now National “Matrix Challenge”- an online interactive challenge aimed at ages 11-17 yrs – great for use in schools – watch out for it again in 2021!



A list of current global “Bug Bounty” programmes for those interested in identifying and highlighting vulnerabilities to site owners in exchange for a reward. Please ensure that anyone taking part complies with relevant legislation (Computer Misuse), policy and behaves ethically and responsibly.



List of fun games suitable for all ages to support childrens mental health.


West Yorkshire Police- Cyber Competitions

All West Yorkshire Police cyber competitions, these include the Cyber Contest, Project Cerebral and Bradford's got Cyber Talent.


OSINT challenges:

  • - Daily feed of user submitted challenges to locate places and goings-on in the world using open source based research skills.
  • – A host of fun challenges where you have to establish your worldwide location from what you can see and research online.
  • – A long list of challenges that will develop and test a wide range of open source intelligence skillsets – Offers a different angle and challenge to those interested in Cyber and research !
  • - Leader board OSINT challenges designed by the Cyber Security Society of Cardiff University. Great for inspiring those interested in becoming future cyber detectives!