Cyber Security Training for Organisations

WYP Cyber Security Awareness Training is delivered by PC Rob Cowgill, who is the Force Cyber Protect Officer for West Yorkshire Police.

The training can be aimed at staff members from organisations of all sizes, with individuals who may have none or little Cyber Security knowledge. There is also specific training which is aimed at Board Level Executives, providing them with the confidence to engage in conversation with their IT Security teams.

All the training provided is completely FREE of charge!

Cyber Defenders

  • Cyber Defenders is a 2 hour training session based on the NCSCs Cyber Security Training for Staff (, this approach is an interactive workshop style delivery, aimed at a non-technical audience, with no or limited Cyber Security knowledge. This delivery can be split into two separate one hour sessions. And can be delivered remotely using various platforms.

This approach looks at the following:

  1. Who is behind Cyber Attacks & ‘Why Me?’ (identifying different types of risk)
  2. Defending against phishing attacks
  3. Securing devices
  4. Using strong passwords
  5. Reporting an incident (if in doubt call it out)

A general Cyber Security User Training and Awareness Input for Staff

  • A general Cyber security, delivering the messages/advice from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). This training can be adjusted and tailored to be delivered from anything around 20 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes.

The advice/training I deliver is based on the advice from the NCSC and will include the following:

  1. The structure of Cyber security in the Police
  2. The most common breaches (DCMS survey)
  3. Case studies from the NCSC
  4. Mitigation advice around common Cyber threats
  5. Reminding staff what to look out for with Phishing emails
  6. How to report a phishing email (SERS)
  7. Strong passwords
  8. Updating their devices
  9. Policies (double checking of information, DMARC, Filtering)
  10. The mechanism around reporting to Action Fraud.