Harassment / Stalking Online

With the increasing ease of access to the internet, harassment and stalking has become easier for those who carry it out - this makes it easier to do so either as an extension of existing harassment / stalking activities, or purely based online. Unwanted persistent and frequent contact from another individual is highly undesirable and the outcome to either male or female victims ranges from discomfort and annoyance, through to severe distress and mental trauma.

  • Stalking and harassment can take place online or in person and can be extremely traumatic for victims.
  • Monitoring someone’s internet use, emails, texts or other communication is stalking and this is a criminal offence.
  • If you are worried about stalking or harassment call the national helpline on 0808 802 0300 or police on 101 in an emergency always dial 999.
  • If you are a victim of cyber stalking gather as much evidence as you can and report it to police on 101
  • If you are a victim of "revenge porn" contact the new Revenge Porn Helpline on 03456 000 459 - the helpline offers details of free legal advice and signposting to additional support services such as Women's Aid, Stalking helpline or Relate if required.
  • To protect yourself from cyber stalking keep online personal info to a minimum and regularly change your online passwords.
  • Most social networking sites / apps have a means of reporting harassment / stalking.

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Page last reviewed  April 2023