Nuisance Calls

Step-by-step guide from Ofcom - How to tackle nuisance calls

  1. Talk to your provider-, and consider a blocker-
  2. You can register with the Telephone Preference Service for free-
  3. Look carefully at marketing “opt-in” or “opt-out boxes
  4. Consider going ex-directory
  5. Consider screening your calls
  6. Ask for the caller’s details- you can use this information to notify the organisation that you no longer wish to receive sales calls
  7. Don’t give out your personal details
  8. If you receive an unwanted call you can make a complaint-
  9. Consider your options if you receive an automated marketing call-
  10. If you receive spam texts, you can report them to your service provider by forwarding them onto 7726-


For a more thorough detailed guide, please visit:- Nuisance calls and messages: consumer guide (

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