Easy Read

Our easy read documents provides details on helping to keep you and your home and property safe.

We also have a number of other easy read documents below on specific subjects, such as : -

  • how to stay safe when out and about, and
  • when visitors come to your home, as well as
  • identity theft.

We are currently producing more on other topics, which will be updated when they are finished.

Click on the links below for further support and advice.

Protecting your home (PDF 2.95mb)

Protecting your home

Safety when out and about (PDF 4.41mb)

Safety when out and about


Travelling safely (PDF 3.52mb)

travelling safely

Vistors to your home (PDF 2.61mb)

Visitors to your home


Hate crime (PDF 1.48mb)

Hate Crime

Identity theft (PDF 1.61mb)

Identity Theft


Internet and phone bullying (PDF 1.31mb)

Internet and Phone Bullying

Keeping secrets (PDF 1.16mb)

Keeping Secrets


Mate crime (PDF 1.15mb)

Mate Crime

Contact Us (PDF 3.38mb)

Contact Us


Domestic Violence (PDF 3.4mb)

Domestic Violence

Child Sexual Exploitation (PDF 3.16mb)


Crime Prevention Easy Read (PDF) Easy Read - Body Worn Cameras
Crime prevention easy read Body Worn Cameras

Easy Read - Domestic Violence

Crime prevention easy read