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How to apply

You can apply by using our Collision Report online request form - available in the menu below / right.

Please only use the online request form once you have fully read all the information on this page.


When applying, you will need to provide us with as much of the following information as possible;

  • Police reference (Log / occurrence number)
  • Your reference
  • Incident date and time
  • Incident location (including street name and town)
  • Your Client / Insured party name
  • Vehicle registration (VRM) of your client / the insured party name
  • Third party name
  • Third party vehicle registration (VRM)

Once you submit the Collision Report online request form, it will be received by West Yorkshire Police Central Process Bureau and you will be contacted via email in due course, with a quote for the information you have requested, along with further details on payment method.

Please see the link below for more details on applicable fees and charges.


Fees and Charges

Please see our Collision Report Fees and Charges page - which documents the full costs that could be charged, depending the information being requested.

All applicable fees must be paid prior to production of any reports.



Be advised that we do not accept payments via cheque. 

All payments should be made using the BACS details provided on your quote email.

Please ensure when making payment that our collision reference, that can be obtained on the quote email, is added to the reference box when making a payment. Failure to do so may lead to delays in receiving your reports.


How long does it take?

We aim to have sent all documents out within 35 days of receipt of payment. This ultimately depends on the correct quote number being recorded when making the payment.

If you are requesting digital media such as CCTV, please allow a minimum 6 weeks.

If you are applying to interview an officer, we will not arrange such request until all the documents available have been sent. We also require proof of proceedings in this instance and if Civil proceedings have not yet commenced, we will not accept any interview request.



Be advised that all documents that are sent out are scanned for sensitive personal data, therefore some of the reports you will receive may be redacted.

Have you received a form to complete relating to a Road Traffic Collision?

If you have received a form relating to a damage only Road Traffic Collision, namely a ‘Notice of requirement to furnish identity of the driver of a vehicle’ or a ‘Notice of intended prosecution’, please fill this in, to the best of your knowledge and return to the address outlined on the form. 

Please do not contact 101 or the Collision Team for further information. West Yorkshire Police will be in touch in due course following receipt.


Any other business

If you do not require a Collision Report but wish to contact the Collision Team regarding another matter, please do so by e-mailing [email protected]


Collision Report online request form


Page last reviewed November 2021.