Requesting Information

If you are requesting Information that West Yorkshire Police holds, please submit this in writing to:

Disclosure Unit, West Yorkshire Police, PO Box 9, Wakefield, WF1 3QP.

NB. If you are required to send identification documents, please send photocopies and not originals.

If you are requesting information that West Yorkshire Police holds about you, you are entitled to request this under the Data Protection Act.

This type of request will enable you to request a National, Local or Dual search.

Additional Data Protection Links

Employment Related Vetting Checks
Where "police checks" are being requested by organisations / employers prior to employing an individual, then a basic check request must be made to Disclosures Scotland and not a subject access request (DP Act S56. Prohibition as to production of certain records)

Disclosure Scotland Telephone Helpline : 0870 6096006

Email : [email protected]

Disclosure Scotland
P.O. Box 250
GS51 1Y

Police Certificates
Individuals requiring Police Certificates for the purposes of finding out/showing what information (i.e. Arrests, Cautions, Convictions etc.) is held about them on the Police National Computer (PNC) should contact the ACPO Criminal Records Office (ACRO) directly.  

The ACRO Subject Access application process has recently changed and individuals can now apply for and pay for their disclosure on line.  You can also request your disclosure to be  returned by email. The option to send  the application in by post and receive the disclosure as a hard copy is also still available.

Please note that this Certificate is processed entirely by ACRO. All submissions and enquiries relating to this process should be directed to ACRO, who can be contacted through the following routes:

Telephone: 02380 479920 (during their office opening hours of 8:30-16:30, Monday to Friday)

A link to the ACRO website, including a downloadable application form, is provided below:

PO Box 481
PO14 9FS

Please do not return this application form to West Yorkshire Police.
NOTE: This certificate is NOT for employment vetting.


Fair Processing Notice

The Data Protection Act 1998 was brought into force on 1st March 2000 and works in two ways.

  1. It gives individuals certain rights.
  2. It also says those who record and use personal information must be open about how the information is used and must follow the eight principles of 'good information handling'.

This statement sets out the principles we will apply when handling personal information.

  • West Yorkshire Police collects and uses personal information so that it can carry out its legal and legitimate functions as defined by legislation, common law and best practice.
  • We use information to prevent and detect crime; to apprehend and prosecute offenders; to protect life and property; maintain law and order and give assistance to members of the public.
  • We may use your personal information to analyse our performance and effectiveness. It might be necessary for us, or third parties who we deem appropriate, to contact you and ask you to assist us in this analysis in order to gather information about the service we are providing to the public and to improve that service wherever we can. (If you do not want your contact details to be passed on to a third party, please either ring 01924 294514 or email [email protected] email providing your name, address and the unique reference number given to you. If you would like any further information about this research, please contact Vicky Fletcher or Victoria Waldie tel 01924 292770).
  • Where possible and appropriate you will be informed of the reason why your personal information is being held. Personal information may be held without your knowledge or consent when this is necessary for purposes such as the prevention or detection of crime, the prosecution or apprehension of offenders, national security, and public safety.
  • All personal information is handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • We will collect and use information only for policing and associated purposes and will not use or disclose information for any other purposes without your consent unless required to do so by law, or it is in the over-riding public interest to do so.
  • We may give information to agents or contractors so that they can provide the facilities we need. In such cases legally binding contracts covering the use and security of your information will be put in place.
  • We may share information with other agencies under partnership working arrangements, including for research purposes. Where personal information is shared, personal details that can identify individuals will be removed where appropriate. We will share personal information only when it is lawful to do so and when your rights have been fully considered.
  • We may disclose your information for the policing purpose to any of the various other organisations listed under West Yorkshire Police at:
  • We take great care to ensure the information we hold is accurate, kept up to date and is destroyed when no longer required.
  • We use a variety of physical, technical and procedural measures to protect personal information from unauthorised or accidental disclosure, loss or corruption.
  • Our staff are trained in the appropriate procedures and policies for correct handling of personal information.
  • West Yorkshire Police actively implements and regularly audits all aspects of information handling including security of information.
  • We will normally provide a copy of any information we hold about you on request. You can request your own information using the link at the top of this page. If you believe the information we hold is inaccurate or misleading it will be checked and corrected if appropriate.
  • If you are unhappy with the way in which we have handled your personal information you can contact the Information Management Team at Police Headquarters, West Yorkshire Police, PO Box 9, Laburnum Road, Wakefield WF1 3QP or via the 101 Non-Emergency Number. 

Requests for Information Charging Structure

Please click here to view the West Yorkshire Police information charging structure.