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Neighbourhood Watch Week

This years NHW Week sees a different approach to the celebrations. 2020 has been unprecedented in terms of how we have all had to re-think and adapt to new ways of working and socialising.

We are less than two weeks away from Neighbourhood Watch Week 2020. Please keep checking this page from 07/06/2020 to see what Neighbourhood Watch and West Yorkshire Police have been doing to recognise all the efforts of our Neighbourhood Watch Schemes so far this year.

Neighbourhood Watch: Safer and Stronger Communities

Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary crime prevention group in the country. It is based on the idea of communities coming together to help reduce crime and increase community cohesion.

Benefits of Neighbourhood Watch

People join Neighbourhood Watch for many different reasons, whether it is to improve personal safety and security around their home, or to become part of a group and meet new people. Neighbourhood Watch also brings communities together that share a sense of responsibility for where they live. It is widely regarded that being part of Neighbourhood Watch can:

  • Reduce / prevent local crime and disorder
  • Reduce fear of crime
  • Address issues relating to anti social behaviour
  • Create safer neighbourhoods
  • Build community spirit and cohesion
  • Reassure members of the public
  • Enhance partnership working with other community groups
  • Assist in the detection and apprehension of criminals through members providing information to the police
  • Improve quality of life and the local environment

How does Neighbourhood Watch work?

Neighbourhood Watch schemes vary in size and geographical area.  Some schemes may consist of only a few houses covering a street or cul-de-sac, whilst others may extend to an entire estate. Residents usually meet on a regular basis either every couple of weeks or every month to discuss ways in which they can tackle low level problems relevant to their area. However, some Neighbourhood Watch schemes exist via closed social media groups, making use of technology to communicate and share information. Neighbourhood Watch groups are not expected to act as vigilante groups patrolling the streets, but are encouraged to be attentive towards any suspicious behaviour, and report information to the police. Neighbourhood Watch Schemes often run campaigns promoting crime prevention advice as well as ways to bid for funding to help the community.

Where can I find more information?

Click here for more information on setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in your area.

Take a look at the Neighbourhood Watch E-Learning package for more information on Neighbourhood Watch, the roles of a Co-ordinator, Deputy Co-ordinator and members.

Contact Information

Email [email protected] or ring 101 and ask to speak to your Force Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.

Neighbourhood Watch External Links

Our Watch: 
The official website of the National Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (England & Wales).
This website holds resources and newsletters from the National Network. Please note that information on a local level will come from your West Yorkshire Police contact so it is important to get in touch with your Force Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator to register your scheme at: [email protected]uk

Community Alert :

Community Alert is an information broadcast alert specific to an area of interest to you, such as home or work. You will receive updates into what police activity there has been in your chosen areas. This is separate to Neighbourhood Watch and can be accessed by members and non members of the scheme by following the link below.

Sign up to the Police and Partner agencies new community alert system at :