How to register

Once you have created an account on the new online system you will be required to make an appointment. If there are none available please keep logging into your account to check.

We will see you as soon as there is an appointment available, you will not be seen until you have an appointment booked. This may not be for a few weeks/months due to high demand.

Please do not worry as you are free to travel in and out of the UK as you have a valid visa (your biometric residence permit - BRP).


If you're registering for the first time you’ll need to start the process online and then attend an appointment when requested to do so.

We will ask you for:

  • personal details
  • contact details
  • family member details (if required)
  • passport details
  • visa/travel details
  • study/employment details
  • access/ability to upload a passport style photograph

There is a 40 minute time limit for completing the registration process and you won't be able to save your form, so please make sure you have everything before you start. 

Once you’ve given us the details above you’ll be asked to make an appointment. Appointments may be at a Police Station or at an educational establishment. Currently due to the COVID-19 restrictions, appointments may be more limited than usual and we may contact you to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

If there are no available appointments within seven days, please book the earliest available appointment.

Also, please do not visit the police station without an appointment.

Click here to start your registration


How to get a replacement certificate

Your police registration certificate (PRC) is a legal document.

If you've lost your police registration certificate or it's been stolen you'll be asked about the circumstances surrounding the loss or theft of your certificate during your appointment with the police.

Please note that a replacement certificate must be paid for, only apply for a replacement certificate once you have tried to locate your original certificate.

To request a new certificate and obtain an appointment to complete the process you will need to use our online system.

If you have any questions or issues, please email us [email protected]