Dementia Awareness

Did you know…

  • for every 100 people aged 65 and over, 7 have dementia
  • this figure rises to 1 in 4  aged 85 and over
  • 65-80% of people with dementia live in their own home

The term “dementia” is used to describe a group of illnesses which causes a progressive decline in the ability to remember, to learn, to think and to reason…

West Yorkshire Police is raising awareness among its staff and officers of the condition, and has joined the Dementia Action Alliance as part of a commitment by the Force to improve the services provided to those with dementia. 

In addition we have introduced the Herbert Protocol, an initiative which enables family and friends to provide information quickly to the Police when loved ones go missing.

Working to become Dementia Friendly logo Dementia SPOCs have been introduced within districts and departments who act as dedicated points of contacts and ensure that the specific needs of people with dementia are taken into account in all investigations.


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Listen to Dr Sewa Singh Kalsi and his wife Hardeep Kaur Kalsi and their experiences of what it is like living with dementia.

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