The Herbert Protocol Leaflet - Accessible HTML Version

Herbert Protocol Tri-Fold Leaflet Accessible HTML Version 

The following text is from the West Yorkshire Police Herbert Protocol advice leaflet.

The leaflet is in tri-fold format, and made up of six sides. The text below is in the order displayed on the tri-fold leaflet as if it were read in the following order ; front cover, inside page 2, inside pages 3, 4 and 5, and rear cover - page 6. The PDF of the leaflet is also available below.


Page 1

Page 1 features an image showing older gentleman sat on a settee looking at a male Police Officer who is dressed in Police uniform, the Police Officer is also sat on the settee. The page also shows the Herbert Protocol logo, which reads "The Herbert Protocol - Safe & Found".

The text on the page reads : 

Do you care for someone with Dementia and worry they may go missing...we’re here to help.

Below this text there is the logo for the Mayor of West Yorkshire, Tracy Brabin, and to the right the West Yorkshire Police crest.


Page 2

Page 2 features the following text in yellow and white, on a pale blue background :

“These new measures will really help the police to act quickly to find someone who has gone missing and hopefully minimise the distress that this can result in both for the individual and their family.”

Spokesperson from Alzheimer’s Society Yorkshire and Humber

Safe & Found

Below this text is a female Police Officer, dressed in uniform, sat at a table with a female - wearing a hat and coat.


Page 3, 4 and 5

Pages 3, 4 and 5 form the inside of the tri-fold leaflet and would be read left to right once the leaflet is fully opened up. These pages have the same image as shown on the front cover of the leaflet - an older gentleman sat on a settee looking at a male Police Officer who is dressed in Police uniform, the Police Officer is also sat on the settee. This image covers the entire back background of these three pages of the leaflet.  The Herbert Protocol logo is also on the page, this reads "The Herbert Protocol - Safe & Found".

The text reads, left to right : 

There is nothing more frightening than when a loved one, friend or neighbour fails to return when they should. For people living with someone with dementia, this could be quite common and The Herbert Protocol could give you some peace of mind.

The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme being introduced by West Yorkshire Police and other agencies which encourages carers to compile useful information which could be used in the event of a vulnerable person going missing.

The Herbert Protocol will put systems in place to allow for early intervention when vulnerable people go missing.

The idea is to complete a form recording all vital details such as medication required, mobile numbers, places previously located, a photograph etc. In the event when your family member or friend does go missing the form can be easily sent or handed to the police to reduce the time taken in
gathering this information.

Did you know that 61% of people with dementia think that their community has little or no understanding of how to help them live well?

With an ageing population and improving diagnosis, dementia is something that will almost inevitably affect us all, either personally, professionally or both.

People still need their independence and The Herbert Protocol can help to reassure their family and friends that if their loved one does go missing, they can quickly pass relevant information to the Police. We believe that by helping people to help us in our response to a vulnerable missing adult, we will be able to locate him or her more quickly, safeguard them more effectively, and return them to safety before any harm can come to them.

The text continues

“It really helps if Carers have put all the important information in one place. This saves the police precious time in critical situations. Through the Herbert Protocol we can provide a specific and bespoke response.”

Chief ConstableJohn Robins
West Yorkshire Police

“As the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, I am determined to ensure that people with dementia, whether they are a victim, witness, offender or missing person, are fully supported, and have their needs taken into consideration.”

Alison Lowe OBE
Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime


Page 6

The final page of the leaflet is the rear cover page, this page has no images, and is all white.

The text on this page reads :

Give copies of the form to other family members, friends and neighbours with an up to date photograph. If your loved one goes missing and the information is handed to a Police Officer, the photograph can be circulated to all Police officers and PCSOs on the front line via their Smart phones.

Then page then shows a yellow pin icon as found within the Herbert Protocol logo. The text continues : 

Download the form and find out more at:

Below this text there is the Herbert Protocol logo, which reads "The Herbert Protocol - Safe & Found".

Below the Herbert Protocol logo there is the Dementia Friendly logo bottom left and the Dementia Action Alliance logo bottom right.


Herbert Protocol Tri-Fold Leaflet - PDF Download

Herbert Protocol Tri-Fold Leaflet (part 1)
Herbert Protocol Tri-Fold Leaflet (part 2)

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