Herbert Protocol Missing Person Incident Form - Frequently Asked Questions

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The “Herbert Protocol” Missing Person Incident Form is designed to make sure that, if someone goes missing, the police can get access to important information about that person as soon as possible.

We understand that this can be a deeply upsetting time for those involved, and that being asked by a police officer to remember all sorts of different information can add to this worry.  These forms, and the information they contain, are designed to help remove some of that stress.


When should I complete this?

As soon as possible.

The form can be completed at your leisure, with no time pressure or urgency. That said, the sooner the form is ready, the quicker it can be used if needed.

When you have completed the form, please keep it in a safe place – and make sure relatives and carers know where it is and that you have a completed Herbert Protocol form.

Perhaps you might want to make a copy of the information form for another relative, friends or neighbours.


How much detail is needed?

Whilst sometimes more information is better, Police Officers want an overview rather than in depth detail. So while we need to know some key information, we don’t need to know everything. If you are writing the information by hand, please try to make sure that it is easily readable for someone perhaps not used to your handwriting. You don't have to complete everything.


What will happen to this information when I have completed the form?

There is no need for the police or anyone else to have access to this information unless the person to whom it refers goes missing. You keep the information and hand it over when the police need it – it will be used to help the police to find your loved one as soon as possible, and nothing more.

We will never share your information with anyone else, unless as a part of a live investigation it is necessary to do so to safeguard someone.


What should I do when I find out that my relative / friend is missing?

Ring 999.


Page last reviewed July 2020